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Tapanchemicals.com is a infomation site about jianhe-bio.com which is a Pharmaceutical Intermediates & Aromatic Chemical Manufacturer And Exporter from china,has experienced(in designing and marketing of Chemical Plant and Equipments) and dynamic Chemical Engineers.Jianhebio as a Chemical and API suppliers has achieved and maintained a leading position in the industry , in-house technology and excellent trade practice.Welome to choose the products with good quality.


We have all the facilities to produce the Pharmaceutical Intermediates with the International Standards.For customer’s satisfaction the assistance from the reputed laboratories like the SGS (India) Pvt Ltd, etc is taken for analyzing & testing the products Raw Material Suppliers TapanChemicals.com believes that “for the best results needs the support of best raw material suppliers”, Tapan is proud to achieve this goal, also Supply We supply LTL to truckload quantities in bulk. The material supplied to the customer is packed in the H.D.P.E Carboyes/barrels procured from the reputed company like The Time Packing Ltd, which takes all the measures to supply the quality product to our valuable customers.

bezone Chemicals Manufacturer and Exporter of Benzyl Acetate,Benzyl Alchohol & Benzyl Benzoate

Characteristics Faint, pleasant, aromatic order, sharp burning test Colorless oily liquid, Odour faintly aromatic      Weight per ml. 1.116 to 1.120 Refractive index 1.568 to 1.570 Sulphated Ash Not more than 0.1% Assay  99% (min.) USES                                            As solvent of cellulose acetate, nitrocellulose & artificial musk, substitute for camphor in celluloid & plastic pyroxylin  compd., Perfume Fixative in confectionery & chewing gum flavors. Etc.